Your daily companion.

DailyDrive – The everyday AureusDrive S-Pedelec

The Daily Drive supports you on your daily commute, when shopping and, thanks to its powerful engine, also when towing small trailers. Proven components from Samsung, TEKTRO, Shimano, enviolo, SR SUNTOUR, Promax, Schwalbe, KMC and Velo are used.

The components

/ The electric motor

500 watts of peak power support you during acceleration or when starting uphill. The engine is equipped with a torque sensor that measures the rider’s force and adjusts the engine power accordingly. This gives the feeling of riding a normal bike with a lot of tailwind. In addition, the motor is equipped with an idle so that you can also ride without a battery without the motor putting up much resistance.


Aureus Mid-Drive

Maximum speed

25 km/h or 45 km/h depending on the software package

Sliding aid

Yes up to 6 km/h


3.6 kg

Power / Voltage

500 Watt / 48V

Power-assist ratio


Torque / gear ratio

100Nm / 33.6:1


Torque sensor that measures the driver’s performance

/ The disc brakes

Reliable, high-quality hydraulic disc brakes from the TEKTRO brand have established themselves on e-bikes. They enable safe braking at high speeds. Large diameters of 180 mm at the front and rear ensure maximum safety even in the rain.

Brake technology / brake lever length

Hydraulic / 2-finger

Number of brake pistons

2 Pistons

Brake caliper

TEKTRO HD-M285 disc brake caliper front/rear post mount

Disc diameter

180 mm

/ The circuit

The standard version of the DailyDrive relies on a robust 10-speed Shimano Deore gear system. With a robust motor, the 10 speeds are ideal and allow the use of a thick, stable and low-maintenance chain.

Alternatively, there is the option of switching to a continuously variable gear hub for an additional charge.

The advantages of a toothed belt transmission are more comfortable shifting, shifting when stationary and lower maintenance costs compared to a derailleur system.


Shimano Rapidfitre plus SL-M6000


Shimano Deore CS-M4100 10S


AureusDrive 52T with trouser guard

Front derailleur

Shimano Deore RD-M6000 10s


KMC e10

Toothed belt circuit (+600 CHF)

Enviolo (heavy duty)

/ The battery

The powerful 48 V battery with 15 Ah, which is integrated into the frame and easy to remove, enables 720 Wh of energy to be stored. The battery uses robust and durable Samsung lithium-ion cells. With this energy, it is possible to drive up to 120 km in Eco mode (25 km/h on the model).

Range at 25km/h version

Eco (120km) – Turbo (60km)


15Ah (720Wh)



Material battery case


Range at 45 km/h version

Eco (80km) – Turbo (35km)

Battery cells

Samsung lithium-ion cells

Cell size

21,700 cells (21mm diameter, 70mm length)


3.5 kg

/ The display

A 2.1-inch LCD display provides information on assistance level, miles traveled, speed, battery status, average speed and more.


2.1 inch



Number of support levels

5 levels (Eco, Tour, Normal, Speed, Turbo)


Warranty and upgrade/downgrade option

3 year warranty on all components and the frame, excluding wear parts.

The DailyDrive is available in 25km/h and 45km/h versions. An upgrade to 45 km/h or a downgrade to 25 km/h is possible at any time. Contact one of our partners or visit us to carry out this service work.

For 45km/h, you need mandatory liability insurance with a yellow number and at least a class M driver’s license. To register your e-bike in Switzerland after the service, you must present documents to the local road traffic office.

The exact documents may vary depending on the canton (usually purchase contract, operating license and identity document). You can find the contact details and further information on the road traffic offices on the website www.autodriver.ch/infos/strassenverkehrsaemter.

The technical data at a glance

Frame:Welded aluminum frame
Standard frame colors:Black and white, as well as other colors (see store)
Frame size:S (155cm-175cm) or M (175-195cm)
Tires:Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus (50-622 / 28 “x 1.50 / 700x50C)
Weight (incl. battery):28kg
Electric motor:500 watt TSDZ 10 mid-mounted motor with speed and torque sensor
Display:2.1 inch LCD display
Pedal assistance:5 levels (Eco, Tour, Normal, Speed, Turbo)
Speed:25km/h or 45km/h
Battery:720 Wh lithium-ion battery
Range at 45km/h version:80km (Eco) – 35km (Turbo)
Range at 25km/h version:120km (Eco) – 60km (Turbo)
Battery charging time:(full charge) Approx. 4 hours
Circuit:Shimano Deore 10-speed or continuously variable eviolo hub gears
Brakes:Hydraulic brakes TEKTRO HD-M285
Suspension fork:SUNTOUR Mobie A32 lockable
Saddle and handle:Velo brand ergonomic grips and saddle
Luggage rack and mudguards:Standard 25kg with elastic fastenings / aluminum from Pletscher
Handlebar:Aluminum from the brand Promax

Frequently asked questions

To save paper and protect the environment, you can find the latest operating instructions here.

This model is designed for slightly shorter distances.
The advantage over the Power 45 is, firstly, that this model is cheaper and still supports up to 45 km/h and, secondly, that it is suitable for trailers.

  1. AureusDrive relies on proven and robust technology for its components. To give you the best value for money, the components have also been selected according to this principle.
  2. We distribute our e-bikes ourselves without intermediaries. This allows us to offer our customers a lower price than our competitors.
  3. We deliberately do without additional features such as Bluetooth communication, 24-speed gears or GPS tracking.

The recommendation is as follows:

M: height 175cm – 195cm

S: height 155cm – 175cm

These are guideline sizes which usually fit very well. If the seating position does not fit after a long ride after a purchase, there is the possibility to change the handlebar stem with us or our partners.

Your e-bike from AureusDrive has a 3-year warranty on all components and the frame, excluding wear parts.

Yes, of course. Under “Service” on our website you can register for this with your nearest partner. Since we use standard parts, any bicycle mechanic can also service your AureusDrive e-bike.

When fully discharged, a complete charge takes approximately 4 hours. Our charger charges the battery with a rather small current of 3 amps at 48 volts. This is very gentle on the Samsung battery cells and thus a long battery life is achieved.

The DailyDrive has a battery with a capacity of 720 Wh. The range of the battery depends on various influences such as incline, weight of the rider, ambient temperature, support level and cadence as well as tire pressure.

The following ranges are possible:

For the 45km/h model: 80km (Eco) – 35km (Turbo) / For the 25km/h model: 120km (Eco) – 60km (Turbo)

White and black are consistently in the range. For this purpose, there may be special series, with colors that change depending on the series.

The e-bike alone weighs 28kg. The maximum total weight is 130kg.

The luggage carrier is designed up to 25kg.

Yes, the battery is designed in such a way that you can easily take it on every day and charge it indoors. The associated charger has 3 amps of charging current.

You can also charge the battery mounted on the e-bike.

You can find the current delivery dates for the respective models in the store.

Yes, you can choose the stem, gears and tires according to your needs.
The assembly of all additional parts from our store is free of charge.