Frequently asked questions

AureusDrive AG

We are working on ecological mobility for all. Enjoy the airstream at 45km/h while reducing your CO2 emissions. An e-bike requires 30 times less energy per kilometer than a vehicle with a combustion engine. I.e. with the energy you use in one day commuting by car, you commute a whole month by e-bike. Our motivation is to get as many car drivers as possible onto e-bikes.

AureusDrive’s mission is to develop, produce and service affordable, robust and stylish e-bikes for everyone. We are convinced that our e-bikes will encourage more people to switch from cars to e-bikes.

The upside down A in the logo has its origin from mathematics and means for all. AureusDrive wants to develop e-bikes for the masses that are suitable for everyone.

AureusDrive relies on proven and robust technologies for its components. In order to offer our customers the best price-performance ratio, the components were also selected according to this principle.

We deliberately dispensed with additional functions and unnecessary or pointless components. We also sell our e-bikes ourselves without any middlemen. This enables us to offer our customers a lower price than our competitors.

E-Bike – Operating instructions

E-Bike – Order

AureusDrive relies on direct sales. The e-bikes can be ordered in our online store or from our workshop partners or our own local AureusDrive stores.

We have a constantly growing network of test drive partners, as well as our own stores with workshops.
You can register here for a free, no-obligation test drive.

We offer the following options:
– Delivery to the front door by bicycle courier
– Delivery to the front door by post (accessories only)
– Free collection from AureusDrive stores
– Collection from our partners

Our shipping option, premium delivery to your doorstep, reduces the environmental impact of bicycle courier transportation. That’s why we prefer on-site collection, which is not only more environmentally friendly and cheaper, but also offers the opportunity to carry out the handover in person to provide a better service.

You can find the current delivery dates for the respective models in the store.

The delivery time begins as soon as we have received payment.

We offer the following options:

  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • PostFinance
  • Payment in installments with Heidipay
  • Twint (note payment limit)
  • VISA
  • Prepayment

Buy now, pay later. 0% interest.

  1. Place your desired items in the shopping cart
  2. Select HeidiPay as your payment method at checkout
  3. Pay in interest-free monthly installments via QR-bill or directly via your credit card


You are between 18 and 70 years old
You are resident in Switzerland
You are a Swiss citizen or have held a C or B residence permit for at least three years. 1 year

If you would like to adjust or cancel your order, please send us an e-mail at or call us on +41 560 13 33

In the event of a faulty purchase, you must contact us within 14 days of receiving the e-bike. We will be happy to work out a solution together.

The new AureusDrive E-Bikes have a 3-year warranty on all components and the frame, excluding wearing parts.

For demonstration or used models, we generally offer an 18-month warranty, unless otherwise specified.

E-bike – General

E-bike is the generic term for a bicycle that contains an electric motor to support muscle power. Pedelec is a category of e-bike and supports the rider up to a speed of 25 km/h. The S-pedelec category supports the rider at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

S-Pedelec is the abbreviation for Speed Pedal Electric Cycle and means that the rider receives additional electric pedal assistance up to a speed of 45 km/h.

Yes, all models can tow a trailer, please note the respective maximum total weight.

Maximum 25kg incl. Basket / side pocket or seat weight

The maximum total weight for the Classic and Comfort models is 130 kg.
The maximum total weight for the Power and DailyDrive models is 140 kg.

White and black are consistently in the range. There can also be special series with various colors. The currently available colors are always displayed in the store.

We offer the option of painting the Power model in a choice of RAL colors for an additional CHF 398.
Please note that longer waiting times may occur.

Yes, a mirror is included with our e-bikes.

Yes, our models (DailyDrive, Classic, Comfort) offer the option of an upgrade to 45 km/h or a downgrade to 25 km/h.

Choosing the right frame size for an e-bike is crucial for comfort, efficiency and safety when riding.

The recommendation for the DailyDrive, Classic or Comfort model is as follows:

Body height > 195cm -> Size M with longer handlebar stem
Body height 175 – 195cm -> Size M
Body height 155 – 175cm -> Size S

The recommendation for the Power model is as follows:

Body size > 185cm -> Size L
Body height 170 – 185cm -> Size M
Body height 155 – 170cm -> Size S

It is worth investing time in choosing the right frame to ensure an optimal riding experience.
You can therefore ask our workshop partners for help without hesitation.

E-bike approval

In Switzerland, this type of vehicle is considered a light motorcycle. You do not have to register the e-bike. No vignette is required. Your personal liability insurance usually covers liability in the event of an accident. Ask your insurer for more information.

In Switzerland, this type of vehicle is considered a motorcycle and is subject to compulsory registration in the form of a license plate and compulsory insurance in the form of a vignette.

The driver must be in possession of a category M driving license, which can be obtained from the age of 14.

Riders of so-called fast electric bicycles (maximum speed with pedal assistance of more than 25 km/h up to a maximum of 45 km/h) must wear a bicycle helmet (tested in accordance with EN 1078).

Yes, but please note that the legislation for S-Pedelecs may vary abroad. In Germany, for example, it is forbidden to ride an S-pedelec on cycle paths unless this is expressly stated. Before you travel abroad, please find out about the regulations that apply in your destination country.

E-Bike – Battery

Yes, the battery is designed so that you can easily remove it every day and charge it indoors. – You can also charge the battery mounted on the e-bike.

The range of the battery depends on various factors such as incline, rider weight, ambient temperature, assistance level and cadence as well as tire pressure. The exact dates are stored in the product.

Our charger charges the battery with a rather small current of 3 amps at 48 volts. This is very gentle on the battery cells and ensures a long battery life. The exact time data is stored in the product.

The USB port is available to supply power to a GPS device, cell phone, etc., for example.

Cold strongly influences the performance of batteries. Low temperatures reduce the chemical reaction rate in the battery cells, which leads to a reduction in the available power. This means that the battery is less efficient in winter and discharges more quickly. We recommend taking the battery into the warmth during the winter months.

It is important to distinguish between 2 different types of defect:

1) Defective BMS (battery management system) This is the case if the electronics inside the battery are defective. This is indicated by the battery LED no longer lighting up and / or the battery can no longer be charged. In the event of such a defect, there is no increased risk and the battery can be sent by post to a partner or to AureusDrive

2) Damage to the housing or battery cell. This is possible after an accident, for example. In such a case, there is an increased risk and the battery must not be sent by post.

E-bike – maintenance & care

Avoid using a high-pressure cleaner and clean your bike when it is dry by brushing it down and rubbing it with a cloth. Then apply only a small amount of oil to the chain.

You can use dishwashing brushes, synthetic brushes or kitchen brushes to clean your e-bike. Make sure that the bristles are not too hard to avoid scratches and that they are effective enough to remove dirt.

It is advisable to clean your e-bike as soon as it becomes dirty, especially the frame, in order to extend its life cycle. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt and moisture that could damage the bike’s components and contributes to its long-term functionality and aesthetics.

It is recommended to use special bicycle lubricants from brands such as Motorex, Muc-Off or other bicycle manufacturers. These products are specially formulated to meet the requirements of bicycle chains and offer optimum lubrication and protection against wear and corrosion. General lubricants should be avoided as they may not have the required properties for bicycle chains and may cause damage.

Also look out for the biodegradable options to protect the flora and fauna if lubricant is released into the environment during the ride.

Chain oil is ideal for lubricating all moving parts of your bike, including the chain, front and rear sprockets, rear derailleur and cassette. Applying chain oil to these parts helps to reduce friction, minimize wear and extend the service life of the components.

It is recommended to avoid products such as WD40, bleaching cleaning agents and Bikeshine.

WD40 can serve as a short-term solution for lubrication, but is not ideal for long-term chain maintenance as it does not lubricate sufficiently and attracts dirt.

Bleaching cleaning agents can damage surfaces and shorten the service life of bicycle components.

Bikeshine products can attack certain materials and leave a slippery coating that can impair safety. It is therefore advisable to use cleaning agents and lubricants specially developed for bicycles.

Service / Repair / Check-up

A service is a preventive maintenance measure that is carried out regularly to maintain the performance and service life of a product.
A repair is carried out to repair an already defective product and make it functional again.

If your AureusDrive e-bike has a defect, you don’t have to worry. Contact us or an AureusDrive workshop partner for a repair.

Yes, of course. You can find your nearest workshop partner under “Service” on our website.
As we use standard parts, any independent bicycle mechanic can also carry out a service.

When you buy an e-bike, you also receive a free check-up service.
This must be redeemed within a distance traveled of 500 km or within the first year of operation of the e-bike (from the date of purchase).

This check-up consists of: Functional check and adjustment of the brakes, functional check of the gears, light check, bottom bracket check, wheel check, chain check, air pressure / tire check, tighten screws.

A service includes inspection, lubrication, adjustment, checking the electronics, replacement of wearing parts, safety checks and functional testing.

A repair includes diagnosis, disassembly, replacement of damaged parts / repair of damaged parts, reassembly, functional testing and final quality assurance.

It is best to make an appointment with us or a service partner to have the bike checked.
Be particularly careful if the battery is damaged; a damaged cell can cause a fire.