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We are working on ecological mobility for all.

Enjoy the wind at 45km/h and reduce your CO2 emissions. An e-bike requires 30 times less energy per km than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This means that with the energy you need to commute by car in one day, you can commute by e-bike for a whole month.

Learn now our affordable e-bikes and 45km/h S-pedelecs

The advantages of AureusDrive:

  • Robust & inexpensive e-bikes and S-pedelec without superfluous additional features, directly from the manufacturer
  • 45km/h S-Pedelecs from 3390 CHF, possible through direct sales
  • Personalized & assembled in Switzerland → Swiss finishing
  • With the 500W motor, our 25 km/h e-bikes are the most powerful on the market, especially noticeable difference when riding uphill
  • Upgrade from 25km/h to 45km/h possible at any time

Service and test drives

Sign up now for a test drive in your area and experience the driving experience and the airstream.

AureusDrive workshops:

All repairs, service and test rides of all e-bike models directly from the manufacturer

AureusDrive Partner:

Test drives, all repairs and service

Open-brand workshops:

Standard bike services without e-bike system. No warranty work possible.

Ecological commitment

The way to a CO2 neutral company – 115 tons of CO2 offset

We can announce that we have come one step closer to the goal of CO2 neutrality. In the province of Manabi, Ecuador, AureusDrive will initially plant around 200 teak trees over the next 20 years and reforest 1/8 hectare of virgin forest. We are looking forward to expanding this project in the coming years.

After the twenty years, the usable teak trees are harvested.
With the proceeds, new trees can be planted again.

This is good for the environment, because in this way the usable trees do not rot and release the CO2 again. Long-term jobs are created for this purpose.

Another step is to find out how much gray energy is caused by the production, use and disposal of our e-bikes, and then to develop a concept to fully compensate for this gray energy.

We work for ecological mobility for all.

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