Power 45

More power is not possible.

Power 45 – The most powerful AureusDrive S pedelec

For people who have a long commute. Ranges up to 120km possible with one battery charge. Very powerful rear hub motor with 800W. The e-bike with the largest battery in Switzerland (1200Wh). Unbeatable power.

Complete assembly, partial production and quality assurance in Switzerland. Used robust and proven components from Pletscher, KMC, Samsung, Shimano and Tektro.

The components

/ The hub motor

800 watts maximum power and 55 Nm at the rear wheel catapult you to 45 km/h. Thanks to this direct application of force, there is minimal wear and therefore low maintenance costs. Ideal for commuters who want to cover many km a year


Aureus Power Drive


Torque sensor in the bottom bracket which measures the rider power

Speed sensor

Commutated by Hall sensors inside the motor


IPX5, salt spray test (96h)


800 watt



Sliding aid

Yes up to 6 km/h

Number of poles:










Power-assist ratio


/ The design

It’s plain and simple – Simply E-Bike. All cables are located inside the aluminum frame. Furthermore, the e-bike has plenty of ground clearance to master curves quickly. In addition, it weighs 31 kg with the large 1200Wh battery. It is available in black matte and white.


Aluminum with non-ground welds

Number of spokes

36 Sapim E-Strong


White, black, or any RAL color on request


Hutchinson 50c with reflective stripes



Frame sizes

S, M, L


MYO Italian Design

Brake discs


/ The circuit

The AureusDrive relies on a proven and robust 10-speed Shimano Deore gears. With a robust motor, the 10 speeds are ideal and allow the use of a thick, stable and low-maintenance chain.


Shimano Rapidfitre plus SL-M6000


Shimano Deore CS-M4100 10S


AureusDrive 52T with trouser guard

Front derailleur

Shimano Deore RD-M6000 10s


KMC e10

/ The battery

The powerful and easily removable 48V battery with 24.5Ah gives an energy storage of 1200 Wh. We rely on proven, robust and durable Samsung lithium-ion cells. With this energy you commute between 70 – 120 km, depending on support level and speed


70-120 km depending on support level




24.5Ah (1200Wh)

Battrie cells

SamsungLithium-ion cells

Cell size

21700 cells(21mm diameter, 70mm length)



/ The display

A 37mm x 50mm LCD display informs you of the level of assistance, miles traveled, speed, battery level, remaining range, average speed, and more.


37mm x 50mm



Number of support levels


Number of recuperation stages



Warranty and driver’s license

3 year warranty on all components and the frame, excluding wear parts. For the battery, we guarantee 60% capacity after 2 years.

For 45km/h you need a mandatory liability insurance with yellow number and at least a class M driver’s license.

The technical data of the Power45 at a glance

Frame:Aluminum welded
Frame color:white, black matt, or against surcharge free color choice
Frame size:S (160cm-175cm) or M (175-185cm) or L(taller than 185)
Tires:Hutchinson house man 700x50c
Weight :(incl. battery) 28kg
Electric motor:Rear hub motor with max. 800Watt and 55 Nm
Display:81.1mm x 52.7mm x 85.0mm LED
Pedal assistance:5-Step
Battery:1200Wh lithium-ion battery, 800 to 1000 charge cycles
Range at 45km/h version:60 – 120km (depending on support level and speed)
Battery charging time:(full charge) Approx. 8 hours
Circuit:Shimano Deore 10-speed
Brakes:Shimano 203mm discs, 4-piston system Meroca
Suspension fork:AureusDrive suspension fork 80mm travel, 40mm diameter
Saddle and handle:Velo brand ergonomic grips and saddle
Luggage rack and mudguards:Aluminum from Pletscher
Handlebar:Aluminum from the brand Pro
Rearview mirror:Bush and Müller

Frequently asked questions

The Power 45 is suitable for people who have a long commute, as ranges of up to 130km and high speed are possible. Very powerful, silent and maintenance-free rear hub motor without gearbox. Since the power input is directly at the rear wheel, the drive is less stressed and the service costs are low.
The e-bike with the largest battery in Switzerland (1200Wh).

  1. AureusDrive relies on proven and robust technology for its components. To give you the best value for money, the components have also been selected according to this principle.
  2. We distribute our e-bikes ourselves without intermediaries. This allows us to offer our customers a lower price than our competitors.
  3. We deliberately did without additional features such as Bluetooth communication, 24-speed shifting or GPS tracking. Our g45c is simply e-bike.

The recommendation for the Power 45 frames is as follows:

M: height 175cm – 195cm

S: height 160cm – 175cm

These are guideline sizes which usually fit very well. If the seating position does not fit after a long ride after a purchase, there is the possibility to change the handlebar stem with us or our partners.

Further, we also have adjustable stems in the range, with which you can optimally adjust your seating position:

Siehe hier: https://aureusdrive.ch/produkt/vorbau-ergotec-verstellbar-fuer-45-km-h-e-bikes/

If you order this we will mount the stem immediately.

Note that the recommendations are different for each model.

Your e-bike from AureusDrive has a 3-year warranty on all components and the frame, excluding wear parts. For the battery, we guarantee 60% capacity after 2 years.

Yes, of course. Under “Service” on our website you can register for this with your nearest partner. Since we use standard parts can also make any bike mechanic a service on our AureusDrive.

Approx. 7 hours

We have a battery with a capacity of 1200 Wh. The range of the battery depends on various influences such as incline, weight of the rider, ambient temperature, support level and cadence as well as tire pressure.

The following ranges should be possible:

PAS1 (130 km), PAS2 (110 km), PAS3 (90km), PAS4 (80 km) PAS5 (70km)

We supply the e-bikes in black matt and white. Other colors and/or own branding are possible. We ask to be contacted in this regard.

The cost is around 600Fr. for custom painting.

The e-bike alone weighs 27kg. The maximum total weight is 150kg.

The luggage carrier is designed up to 25kg.

Yes, the battery is designed in such a way that you can easily take it on every day and charge it indoors. The associated charger has 3 amps of charging current.

You can also charge the battery mounted on the e-bike.

In the store you will find the current delivery dates for the respective models.

No, our e-bikes do not have brake lights.

The rear hub motor of the Power45 is a direct drive motor without gearbox, i.e. it is noiseless and maintenance-free. This system is particularly suitable for longer overland roads.

Regarding torque: Rear wheel hub motors generally have a smaller maximum torque, i.e. starting is less lively with a rear wheel hub motor. From a speed of about 20km/h, however, the mid-engines are outperformed. If you drive many kilometers a year, the Power45 is suitable and more economical. Since all the torque does not go through the chain, wear is much less than with the mid-engine.

With steep climbs, it is definitely the case that the engine heats up. For self-protection, the system reduces the power so that no damage can occur. Furthermore, the display provides feedback about the temperature.

Recent tests show that you can actually almost not get into this range, yet we Passfahrer recommended no rear hub motor.