E-bike & S-pedelec care

E-bikes and S-pedelecs are becoming increasingly popular and are developing into an indispensable part of urban mobility. They enable environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable movement in urban traffic, even over longer distances. With e-bikes you can even manage inclines without much effort and riding becomes a pleasure for most people.E-bikes and S-pedelecs are interesting not only for older or less fit people, but for everyone who is looking for an alternative to the car. However, they also need proper care so that they are always ready for use. In this article we explain exactly how to do that.

Everything about e-bike & pedelec care: Why it is important ?

E-bikes and pedelecs are expensive investments that require regular care and maintenance to maintain their life and performance. Cleaning of the frame, wheel hubs and brakes should be performed immediately after each ride to remove dirt and dust that can accumulate quickly. The chain should be lubricated and cleaned periodically to prevent rusting and wear. The battery is the heart of the e-bike and requires special attention to maintain its capacity and life. It should be recharged regularly and stored properly when not in use for long periods of time. A periodic inspection of mechanical parts such as brakes and gears is also important to ensure safety and reliability. Thorough care of the e-bike will help improve performance and functionality and prevent repair costs due to neglected maintenance.

E-bike & pedelec battery care, but how?

Anyone who owns an e-bike battery or a pedelec battery should also know how to care for it properly so that it lasts as long as possible. There are a few important points to note here. For example, the battery should always be stored at a temperature of about 20 degrees. Too high or too low a temperature can damage the battery. Also, ebike & pedelec batteries should not be stored fully charged, but should be about 50 percent discharged. Under no circumstances, however, should the battery be completely discharged. Ideally, the battery should be stored at a temperature of about 10 degrees to avoid self-discharge. In addition, the battery should be cooled or warmed up in case of strong heat in order to avoid damage. Regular care of the battery can extend its service life.

What is the best way to store the battery if you do not use your ebike or pedelec for a long time?

If you do not use your e-bike or pedelec for a longer period of time, it is essential to store the battery properly in order to extend its service life. It is best to charge the battery at about 50 percent, as a full charge over a longer period of time can cause the battery to discharge itself and become damaged. Also, the battery should be recharged regularly to keep it in good condition. Ideally, the battery should be stored at constant temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. Humidity and extreme temperatures should be avoided. Storage in direct sunlight should also be avoided. If you do not use your battery for a longer period of time, you should also not fully charge it before use, but only fully charge it again shortly before use. Overall, the better you store the battery, the longer it will last and the longer you can ride your bike without worries.

My Ebike/ Pedelec battery does not work anymore – what to do?

If your e-bike/pedelec battery stops working, there are a few steps you can check before you have it repaired or replaced. First, check the power supply. Is the battery connected properly? Are the contacts clean and free of corrosion? Also, try charging the battery on a different charger to make sure the problem isn’t with the charger. If this doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the battery itself. Depending on how old your battery is, it may be possible to get it repaired. Contact the manufacturer to see if there is a warranty or repair option. If the battery is beyond repair or has severely degraded in capacity, it may be time to purchase a new battery. Be sure to buy a battery that is compatible with your ebike or pedelec.

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What do I have to consider when caring for the e-bike & pedelec besides the battery?

When caring for e-bikes and pedelecs, there are many important aspects to consider to ensure optimal performance and life of the bike. Regular cleaning of the bike is essential to remove dirt and dust that can accumulate on the bike and mechanical parts. Special care should be taken to clean hard-to-reach areas such as chainrings, cassette and gears. Special bicycle cleaners or a mild detergent and a soft brush can be used for this purpose. After cleaning, it is important to dry the bike well and lubricate it. Thorough cleaning and lubrication of the chain and other moving parts is particularly important to ensure optimum performance of the engine.

Another important component is regularly checking the tire pressure, as too low an air pressure increases the rolling resistance and has a negative effect on the range of the e-bike. It is recommended to check the tire pressure at least once a week and adjust it if necessary. The brakes and gears should also be checked regularly to ensure they are in perfect condition. Proper adjustment and alignment of the brakes and gears will help ensure that the bike operates safely and reliably.

In addition, it is advisable to protect the e-bike from extreme weather conditions, as moisture and cold can affect the battery. For this purpose, the bike can be protected with a water-repellent cover or stored in a protected room.

In summary, regular maintenance of the e-bike or pedelec is critical to ensure maximum performance and durability. Thorough cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, as well as regular checking of tire pressure, brakes and gears, will help ensure that the bike operates safely and reliably. Careful maintenance can also extend the life of the e-bike battery.

Our conclusion

In summary, a correct charging process is crucial for e-bikes and S-pedelecs. Here, it is recommended to reduce the charging cycles to a minimum and to charge the battery regularly in order to get maximum performance out of it. If you pay attention to this, you can ensure a long battery life. It is also advisable to remove the battery when not in use to prevent overheating. In case of problems, one should contact a specialist dealer who has the necessary expertise to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Overall, maintaining an e-bike or pedelec is an important and regular process, but one that is relatively simple to implement and can pay off in the long run.

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