Ecological commitment

The way to a CO2 neutral company

The way to a CO2 neutral company – 115 tons of CO2 offset

We can announce that we have come one step closer to the goal of CO2 neutrality. In the province of Manabi, Ecuador, AureusDrive will raise around 200 teak trees in a first step over the next 20 years and reforest 1/8 hectare of virgin forest for this purpose. We are looking forward to expanding this project in the coming years.
After the twenty years, the usable teak trees are harvested.
With the proceeds, new trees can be planted again.

This is good for the environment, because in this way the usable trees do not rot and release the CO2 again. Long-term jobs are created for this purpose.
A further step is to find out how much gray energy is caused by the production, use and disposal of our e-bikes, and then to develop a concept to fully compensate for this gray energy.
We work for ecological mobility for all.

150 tons of CO2 saved by switching to e-bike

Together, our AureusDrive e-bike community has achieved a total mileage in the seven-digit range, saving CO2 emissions of around 150,000 kg. This makes us very happy and we are pleased that there are more every day.

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